Space Alert

Project Details

As end project for my packaging design studies I chose to completely redesign the board game "Space Alert". The original design of this board game was a disaster (no offence original designer!). The game itself is very chaotic to play, and has numerous objects that come packed in besides the board itself. The design of the game and it's packaging did not lend itself well to this. Hence, I started with a clean slate, part from the game's rules and concept, and started fresh.

Due to the many objects and predominantly lengthy panels the choise of a tall, vertical box was self evident. An equilateral triangle not only made this packaging more unique, it also lent itself to become part of the game. The game takes place in outer space and needed to emit that atmosphere. The plan was not just to redesign the box but also make it more practical. All components take up the minimal amount of space and cannot get mixed about due to the handy inner panel. None of this packaging is without purpose and wholly is useable as a component in the game.


  • End project packaging design

  • Redesign board game "Space Alert"

  • Cover and board art illustrated by myself

  • Post-production in Adobe Illustrator

  • Hand made prototype

  • 2013