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Project Details

Fictitious assignment for Delhaize. The goal: create a new product line that falls in line with their assortment of existing products. This product would promote a healthy lifestyle. They promote exercise and health and would be found between the various normal meals, drinks, etc. already on the shelves. As a target market we picked the middle aged man. Steady job, a place of their own, starting a family, settled into their lifestyle and then it dawns on them: That excess weight is really starting to become a bother. At this age one generally becomes more aware of a healthier way of life.

We focussed our efforts on the comfort of these people. A lightweight, easily digestible meal, that frees up time to optionally check into the gym during your afternoon break, or reduce the hassle of cooking a dinner when coming home after a long day's work and/or exercise. But it shouldn't just take healthy salads and grueling exercise to increase the quality of your life. Having a treat once inna while is of importance too! That's why we decided to add chocolate based product, that consists of small pieces of chocolate containing nuts and fruits. It's been proven that daily consumption of a moderate amount of dark chocolate is benificial to the bloodflow in your body, and it's tasty too! Thus you can indugle yourself after a long day without feeling guilty about it.


  • Group assignment for Delhaize

  • Sport ∓ Health

  • Target audience: working class

  • Simple design with harmonious colors

  • 2012